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The so-called military barricades composed of barbed wire fences and various military facilities are situated 2 km north and south from the Military Demarcation Line (MDL). The barrier north of DMZ on the North is referred to as the Northern Limit Line, while the one the South is called the Southern Limit Line.

The DMZ Fence Tour takes visitors to the Southern boundary of DMZ which is unique and exclusive remnant of the Cold War days and a symbolic representation of the division of a nation. The original Fence tour program is only offered by TOUR DMZ.

This attractive DMZ Barrier Tour offer you interesting opportunities to observe the northern DMZ guard posts and to walk along the real DMZ fence with a military officer.


- Seungjeon Observation post (OP): The northernmost observatory,
  which offers a view of DMZ including such as North Korea
  military facilities and guard post.

- Visitor can walk along the fence after a military
  briefing at the Seungjeon OP.

- The cemetery of North Korean and Chinese soldiers: Built in 1996
  integrating scattered cemeteries throughout the country.

- North Korean Guerilla Invasion Route: Communist guerilla fighters
  carried out infiltration operation through DMZ breaking barbed
  wire fence in January 17, 1968. A model of original fence and figures
  of the north armed commandos are recreated and displayed.

- This Fence tour is available every day.    

- Reservation should be made at least 8 days in advance.
- All tourists (Koreans and Foreigners) with official ID can participate.
- The full name (as recorded in passport) and passport number and
  nationality. Please send to ‘tourdmz@tourdmz.com’.
- A minimum of 12 people are needed for the Fence Tour.
Check in "TOUR DMZ" at Hotel President 3F.
Imjingak-Freedom Bridge
Jangnamgyo checkpoint for the check of ID
N. Korean Guerilla Invasion Route
Seungjeon Unification Observation post
The fence tour of southern boundary
The cemetery of North Korean and Chinese soldiers
Lunch (Bulgogi)
Leave for Seoul
At the Hotel President
* Schedule can be changed in accordance with the local or weather condition.

- Adult:70,000WON / Under age 12: 58,000WON
- Fees include round trip, guided tour, transportation, lunch and admission
- Please take a note of the cancellation policy: 50% of the tour fee is charged if reservation is cancelled 3 days
  before (by 6pm) the tour and 100% is charged if cancelled one day before (by 6pm) the tour.

1. The area being a restricted military zone, requires all visitors to follow the instructions of military personnel
   for the safety.
2. As the schedule may be subject to change due to circumstances of the local military site, please be sure
   to reconfirm your reservation a day before the tour.
3. All tourists keep official ID (Passport, Residence ID, Driver license, foreign residence card).
4. Entrance is prohibited to any person under the influence of alcohol or drug.
5. There is no special dress code. (However, sandals, slippers and flip-flops are not recommendable.)

TOUR DMZ’ 3F. Hotel President
DMZ Division , International Cultural Service Club
TEL : 82-2-755-0073 / FAX: 82-2-755-0086
E-mail : tourdmz@tourdmz.com
Access: Subway Line no. 2 Eulgi-ro (il) ga-Station, Exit 8(4minute-walking).